scheletratiA “Prosthesis” is, by definition, a partial removable dental prosthesis which, exploiting the alloy’s elasticity, can be attached to natural teeth by means of casted hooks.
In case there are contiguous teeth from both sides they are called “interdental prostheses”. If, on the contrary, the last tooth to be used for fixing the prostheses is missing, then they are called “cantilever bridge”.
Alloys for prostheses produced by Mesa are characterised by their strong resistance to traction and excellent workability, which enables to obtain smooth and compact surfaces and reduce the oxide formation.
Mesa produces more than 20 different types of alloys for prostheses, ranging from the softest to medium, medium hard and very hard. Those alloys possess a low specific weight and excellent mechanical features, which enable also the most demanding technician to create unique handworks with minimal thicknesses.


Ni-Cr based dental alloys for prosthesis