For over 40 years, Company Mesa has been producing special alloys both for the dental and the industrial sectors.

During this period, Mesa has gradually changed its structure, turning from a small workshop to today’s modern firm, producer of the worldwide well-known “Magnum” alloys, while always remaining a run-in family business.
This reality creates the basement for an outstanding flexibility, which has enabled Mesa to quick and efficiently meet the ceaseless changing needs of the markets.
Mesa has always considered the patients’ health and well-being as its major priority. Relying on its know-how and on its research and design competence, the company produces only alloys that comply with top quality, safety and reliability features.
Mesa at present produces more than 50 different types of alloys, divided in: alloys for ceramics; alloys for partials and prostheses; alloys for bridges and crowns; alloys for soldering; discs, blanks and bars for CAD/CAM processing.

As an observant producer of biomedical products, Mesa has obtained the CE marking for its alloys starting in the 1990’s.

Before any placement on the markets, the products have all undergone severe medical tests such as bio-compatibility and corrosion resistance.
The elevated standards settled for each alloy fix the buying process of raw material. Only the best available materials on the market are considered. This permits Mesa to guarantee the total absence of beryllium, gallium and cadmium in all of its products and Nickel in the Nickel-free ones.
Scheduling and improvement are targets that Mesa steadily pursues.
It is important to underline that significant investments have already been made and that other investments will be made for the next future so that Mesa could always grant updated tests and adjustments to every new standard and norm on its worldwide markets.