Production of special alloys for the industrial sector

In 1975, Mr. Giacomo Sala founded MESA, starting the production of Co-Cr and Ni-Cr alloys for dental prostheses, and ten years later began the production of steam seal rings. Production now encompasses a wide range of components to solve the problems of wear, corrosion and resistance to high temperatures.
The company MESA is entirely owned by the Sala family, who strives to maintain the commitment of its founder and current management.
MESA supplies finished components in super-alloys with a Cobalt and Nickel base for many industrial sectors:

• Oil & Gas
• Energy generation
• Extrusion
• Temperature measurement
• Electronics

Since 1996, MESA production has been subject to a quality control system certified to ISO 9001 to guarantee constant quality.
MESA applies a stringent policy for the respect of intellectual property, which means that no third party is ever supplied with drawings or specifications provided by the client.
Alloy families:
Co-Cr-W-C alloys are characterised by the resistance to wear, erosion, abrasion and stability at high temperatures. The percentage of W and C modulates the ratio between toughness and resistance, to meet the requirements of many applications.
Ni-Cr-Mo alloys are widely used in the chemical sector, at points where corrosion represents a critical factor.