Mesa’s alloys for ceramics comply with standards ISO 9693-1:2012 and ISO 22674:2016. They do not contain any toxic elements and, in the case of cobalt-based alloys, they are absolutely nickel-free.
Mesa’s alloys for ceramics are all highly resistant to corrosion and heat with a low conductivity.
Those alloys are characterised by their flexibility (the double if compared to noble metals) and by a good fluidity, enabling to obtain castings of a thickness as low as two tenths of a millimetre. Furthermore, thanks to their thermal expansion coefficient, they are ideal to be used with all last-generation ceramics.
Mesa can supply both Nickel based and Cobalt based dental alloys for ceramics.
Among the Cobalt based alloys we find Magnum Ceramic Co (the most widely sold alloy over the last thirty five years): relying on its long market history, it is widely appreciated by dental technicians.
Recent are Magnum Splendidum, Magnum Lucens, Magnum Micans and Magnum Nitens, all alloys characterized by excellent mechanical features and low oxide formation.
Magnum Simplex alloy, due to its high thermal expansion coefficient, is used with all the low temperature ceramics of the last generation.
Magnum Ceramic S, Magnum Clarum and Magnum Ceralbum are all Nickel-based. All of them possess an excellent workability and absolutely versatile characteristics.
Among Mesa’s alloys for ceramic stand out the noble Chrome-Cobalt alloys Magnum Fulgens and Magnum Suave, which contain respectively Platinum and Palladium in their composition. These elements, in combination with Chrome-Cobalt, enforce the resistance, workability and brilliancy of the two alloys, granting them an exceptional biocompatibility.


Co-Cr-Fe based dental alloys for ceramic


Ni-Cr based dental alloys for ceramic