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Dental alloys for ceramic

  • Chrome-Cobalt

  • Chrome-Nickel

  • Semi-Precious

Mesa produces its alloys for ceramic in compliance with the standards ISO 22674:2016, ISO 9693:2019.

These alloys are strictly free of toxic elements and, in the case of cobalt-based alloys, absolutely free of nickel, and are characterised by high corrosion and heat resistance.

They have a modulus of elasticity about twice that of noble metals and good fluidity, allowing for very thin castings.

Moreover, thanks to their thermal expansion, they are ideal for use with all the latest generation of ceramics.

Mesa can supply both cobalt-based and nickel-based dental alloys for ceramic. One of the cobalt-based alloys is Magnum Ceramic Co, which has been on the market for over 45 years and has a proven track record with dental technicians.

The most recent alloys, Magnum Splendidum, Magnum Solare, Magnum Lucens and Magnum Nitens are all characterised by excellent mechanical properties and low oxide formation.

Dental alloys for removable partial dentures

  • Chrome-Cobalt

A removable partial denture uses the elasticity of the alloy to attach to the natural teeth by means of cast hooks.

If there are contiguous teeth on both sides we speak of “interdental prostheses”; on the contrary, if there is no terminal tooth to secure the prosthesis, we speak of “cantilever prostheses”.

The alloys for removable partial dentures produced by Mesa are characterised by high tensile strength and excellent machinability, resulting in smooth and compact surfaces with reduced oxide formation.

Mesa produces different types of alloys for removable partial dentures, ranging from the softest to medium, medium-hard and hard.

These alloys have a low specific weight and excellent mechanical properties, which allow even the most demanding technicians to create unique pieces with a low thickness.

Dental alloys for welding

  • Chrome-Cobalt

  • Chrome-Nickel

The welds produced by Mesa are highly biocompatible and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9333:2006.

Mesa offers different types of welds, with different chemical compositions and intended uses, and thus good adaptability to all alloys.

Welding alloys are made in different diameters and lengths, as the table below shows:





1.7 mm

75 mm

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